winter cars, I got the short end of the stick


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Jun 13, 2010
So, I work a deal on a 1989 Toyota with new tires, runs pretty good but it's a rust bucket. This is going to be my winter car, had to get a tetanus shot before I took ownership. I paid 200 big ones for it by the way.

My wife wanted a new car, here's what she drove home today. 2009 MB C300 4Matic sport with 11k miles. All wheel drive will be nice for the tough Ohio winters. Its a really nice car even though its the entry model or "Cheap class" has a banging stereo, 30 freaking air bags, which will be good because she drives like ****. A ton of other options, seems to be a really nice car for her. I mean, it's no 87 Buick, but it will do.


The Benz looks great---she gets a big high-five for picking that out.:cool:

What? You didn't treat her to a C63 AMG? I'd say she's the one that got stiffed :/

Seriously though, both are nice rides. I'd love to find a reliable, relatively good mpg ride for super cheap that I could park my daily driver over the salty michigan winter. Think of how much coin you're saving in insurance and car payments. Let alone miles on your summer car. Consider me jealous.
Yep, Chad is a very close friend of mine. As a matter of fact I bought his wifes car.
Made a few deals there myself over the years. He always has some very cool rides for sale. BTW the MB you got looks sweet.
I'd say you got a much better deal on the toyota than a friend of mine did. He paid $500 for an '84 with more miles than yours! I bet you're able to get your $ back in the spring for it.