Winter Storage

Paul Clark

New Member
How should I purge Razor's set up for storage in an unheated garage?
It's gonna get cold soon, but it will warm up next spring and I still want everything to work.
Step by step..

One.. unhook the line going to your nozzle..

Two.. unplug MAP sensor

Three.. put a container on the end of the hose to collect alcohol

Four.. place Ignition in the "ON" position

Five.. using a bare piece of wire/paper clip/etc.. jump the terminal on the MAP sensor from Gray to Green.. the will activate the pump at full speed and drain the tank. It wont harm the pump if it runs dry..

Six... Very Important... Plug the MAP sensor back in..

Thats it.. leave it dry..
The main reason is the alky can get stale..pickup moisture.. etc. Would I suggest you to race the car after the alky has been left sitting in the tank for months.. nope.. so empty it now.. or empty it latter :wink:
Up here in Boston we have experienced many years of alky-winter-storage. There is logic to leaving these systems full rather than purged dry.

I would say if you were going to purge it dry, make sure the vehicle is maintained a very dry environment.

If not, then I would leave it full.