Winter Storage


Apr 29, 2010
Wondering if any of you guys use a car jacket or car bag for winter storage? I store my car inside my garage on a concrete floor & the ground at my place usually has lots of moisture which is brutal on my car over the winter.My garage is not has like a big zippered bag that is supposed to eliminate any moisture.Anybody know if these are worthwhile at all?:confused:Thanks in advance.
Throw down newspaper & then cover it with sections cardboard overlapping.

Then as mentioned put a fan on to keep the air moving.

As for covering I use blankets to protect the paint & sides that we walk by.
Well, I have no choice BUT to store my GN for the's still up on jacklstands.:rolleyes: But in the years I've had it in the garage, I put down cardboard under the full lenght of the car (cement floor) and have a Technlon car cover over it. (Evolution4 type) Plus a battery tender always on the battery. Also have a cut-off switch at the battery, so when I need to put in something electrical or do electrical tests, I just turn on the switch. The battery tender is always on the battery placed before the switch so it's always charging. But, no problems with this method of storage. I do keep some type of moisture bags in the interior to absorb moisture.

Of course, my damn gargage cat isn't doing his job....he's become lazy...found a mouse had gotten under the charcoal cannister and pulled out the filter.

I keep the car doors, windows, hood, trunk always shut. Any wire, cable holes in the firewall are kept sealed. It's done quite well for the time it's been in there.

Bruce '87 Grand National
For moisture control,I'll get some desiccant from my local auto body supply store. Once the desiccant turns to a different color,discard it.

There are bags and bubble devices for motorcycles. Not sure about cars. The bubble inflates via a blower that blows in dehumidified air. The blower constantly runs.

Steve. '87 GN,t-tops.
Thanks for all the ideas guys,I forgot to mention it does come with omnidry packets of desiccant to absorb any moisture inside the bag.
Being in the fire and water restoration business....I can tell you that humidity really shouldn't be a problem in the winter for car storage, desiccant is always good and is the best way to alleviate humidity ( desiccant dehumidifiers are big bucks). If you are really concerned about preserving your car, get a good dehumidifier for your garage (DriEaz...LGR model will do) for the warm months and especially the rainy times. Of course wrapping your car in a condom will help too :D but like already stated...if Humidity is present, it will present itself to the cover need to keep the humidity in-check in the cars "enviornment" which would be your garage. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is leaving their garage door open on humid or rainy days....If u have a Hot-Air heating system, steal a feed and run it in your garage, it won't make it "toasty" but will bring alot of very dry air into the garage.