Winterizing mt ALKI set up

Hi Guys. It's time to put up the GN for the winter and I am having a problem. I drained all the Methanol-water mix and added -20 window washer fluid to the tank and tried to cycle the fluid thru. Key on, lights on, hose unhooked and in a jug set on 8 and pushing button. The pump runs; but no flow. I tried it two days in a row but nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ed
It is one year old. I called julio and he told me the pump just lost its prime. He told me to unplug the map sensor and jumper 2 wires which I forget the colors; but not to use the black one. I turned the key on and the pump went to full voltage and started pumping. I plugged the map back in and it was pumping as it should. Thanx for the reply. Ed