Wiper arm Parking question


Jul 6, 2007
I spent some time yesterday on the GN one the washer didn't spray I was figuring the pump died, but found out the hose had fell off in the tank... yippy its spraying fine now !
Next issue the wipers were in the glass when off... I did the adjustment on the arm by the motor and got them down on the stops but after running they hang up on the aluminum molding at the base of the windshield. I can give them a little help and they snap down to the stop so it is trying to get there, but can't get over the hump so to speak. Is there a fix for this ???
Oh, I've struggled with this on several of the missus' Regals over the years. There are a couple of tricks to getting the wipers to correctly park over the trim.

One time that I had issues had to do with the blades. Hard to explain, but the blade inserts had a holder that was overly large. And the holder itself hung up on the lower trim. These inserts even looked a bit strange. Not sure how else to describe it.

Swapped them out for a set of blades that had much lower profile holders. Fixed it on that car.

The other one had to do with the arms. This is tricky to correct the issue as it is easy to break the windshield and/or mark-up the arms.

What needs to be done it to twist the arm itself, so that the blade lies flatter against the windshield on the down (or park) stroke. I used two adjustable wrenches closed up tight on the arm. About 6 inches away from each other. Then 'twisted' the arm via the wrenches.

Took a bit of oumph to actually twist the arm. Which is why you need to be careful to not crack the windshield with one of the wrenches. But it worked, the wipers parked easily after that.