wiring harness installation


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Jan 10, 2004
Looking for anyone that has installed a Caspers wiring harness. Their instructions require loosening/removal of the passenger front
inner fender, which I have done. The two bolts on the bottom of the passenger floor, that secure the pair of cables that go the the ecu,
have been loosened. I have also removed the ccci unit to gain access to the loom at the back of the engine. The windshield wiper motor has also
been removed to gain access the back of the fuse box.
From this point, it is not clear how the existing harness comes out. I believe the firewall grommet for the harness must be pushed in or out?
But I'm still guessing about how to proceed. If anyone has done this, and could offer advice, that would be appreciated. Pics if possible.

You push or pry the grommet out and feed the wires out. There are the 2 ECU connectors and 1 that connects to the dash harness in the same area. At the fuse box I think it is a 1/4" socket in the middle of the connector to remove it.
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