Won't shift until 4K, and TV cable adjustments doesn't seem to help??

HI guys,

I thought i would take the car out today for a spin, and immediately noticed it won't shift out of 1st until 4,000 rpm +/-, and 2nd until 3500-4000. That is under lite throttle or heavy throttle. Tranny is full. After i bolted on some drag radials earlier this year, I noticed that the shift points where higher, but wasn't too bad and I attributed it to the larger tire i had on the back. It wasn't anything like it is now. So while out, I moved the TV cable in both extremes, and it didn't seem to make any difference. I even set to factory settings (all the way in, and then plant the pedal and allow it to self adjust).

Also while i was out, from a stop, I loaded it up a little bit and took off, and it felt like it was slipping, because it didnt' really seem to **** and get like it normally does....

Anyone have any thoughts? or way to trouble shoot? Pump going bad?

It'll be put away for the winter anyway, so I got some time...

sound like you may have lost the govenor spring.
Drop the pan and remove the 4 bolt cover near the back of the trans
and pull it down and see if th spring is still in it.

Thanks for the response and suggestion. When I get a chance i'll drop the pan and investigate the governor spring.

If its not that you may find fine metal in the trans pan,if so the problem goes deeper.
I have the springs here if you need one,let me know
thanks again Otto for your help. I'll try to get to dropping the pan over the next few days. I'll post back with my findings.