WOT downshifting issue and early 2-3 when hot


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Jun 16, 2001
I recently replaced my old KC valve body due to a few weird things it would do with a unmolested BRF. I swapped over my stage-rite brake stuff and the accumulator/line bias spring from the CK Kit. Everything was perfect for 3-4 weeks afterwards. Then it stopped downshifting at WOT and just stays in the current gear no matter the mph. It’s also shifting firm and on time while its cool but after a 20 minute drive it starts to shift early on the 2-3 like the TV cable has moved forward (it hasn’t). Does this sound like a TV plunger or MTV downshift valve issue? Possibly a governor issue? It’s a GN governor , full billet, CK shift kit, dual fed. 3-2 downshift valve/spring mod, 200 3 spd 112 servo, deep pan. Pressures look good and it shifts firm.