WOT not as fast as 1/4 hmmm

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Well after 3 months of having my car and having the motor rebuilt etc...ive finally figured out why my car at WOT was going Fast then kinda let off bye itself then fast then let off.....and when i went 1/4 it was faster than at WOT hmm...tonight i went out to start my car Started, sputtered kept doing this died....Same thing over and over again..i was kinda low on fuel so i said hey maybe its not enough ;-) got a can o gas put it in....nothign car wouldnt even sputter.....and no FUEL pump SOUND :eek: ...gee i wonder if its the FUEL pump...lol
PS i wonder if ill feel a diffrence when it actually gets fuel lol
The bad fuel pump could have led to the demise of the motor in the first place. I've seen it happen too many times and its why I tell people before doing ANY mods to change the fuel pump.