WOT TCC lock up problems


May 26, 2001
First, the mods: TE-44, 14" K&N, Ford PowerStroke front mount IC, RJC Powerplate, 212/212 cam, 009 injectors, adjustable FPR, Walbro 340 fp hotwired, TurboTweak alky injection chip, alcohol injection (one stage), Brian Hofer trans, Precision Vigilante 5-clutch TC--2800 stall, the usual little stuff. Engine should be in the 400-460 flywheel hp range, maybe more.


1. If I lock the TCC manually, then launch, the TCC doesn't always lock in 2nd gear. It seems to take sooo long for this convertor to lock that I'm through 2nd by the time it does. Second gear lock-up was a solid kick in the butt-o-meter before and is noticeable when not there! Engine seems to rev very fast in 2nd without a lot of acceleration compared to what it was before. I'm attributing that to lack of TCC lock-up, but ????

2. If I do a rolling start in 2nd, locked TCC, WOT, then when it hits 3rd it bogs down--stuttering. When it pulls out of the bogged condition it's like it hits afterburner. Real strong. But that bog has me concerned. The 2-3 WOT shift with TCC lock-up didn't used to cause any bog at all, in fact, it's what broke the last transmission--snapped the input shaft, the shift was so hard (not hard like a mis-adjusted TV cable, jerking you, just solid and hard on the trans!).

I'm running about 24psi of boost on 93 octane with 30% Xylene and a .024 jet on the alky injection. One green light shows up on the knock gauge. I've reduced the alky jet from .036 to .032, to .028, to 026, to 024. Still bogs. This hasn't happened before and seems to have just started with the installation (by local shop) of the transmission. However I don't know if the transmission is the problem (i.e., the TV cable setting and shift point RPM). It shifts at good MPH points with normal driving, and looks like the right shift points on the POS stock tach at WOT, so I'm not real sure I should be messing with the TV cable. I love the strength of this torque convertor--I've burned up 4 other ones already, usually losing the lock-up clutch after just a few runs--sometimes just one run--and eventually eating the transmission in the process. Don't want to go down THAT road again.

Any thoughts appreciated.

So--too much alcohol? TV cable? Too much torque convertor for the engine (too much stall, slow to engage)? The TT chip?

Any help appreciated.
If you have a manual switch

Try locking the TC @ the top of 3rd gear(5200-5400 rpm) and see what happens. This is the way you are supposed to use THIS convertor.
That would be my recommendation. One should never lock the TCC so early. A good starting point rule of thumb would be to lock it a couple seconds after the 2-3 shift if you're doing it manually.
If you have the capability to do it via the chip, I have mine set to lock at 88mph and that seems to be about optimum for my power level.
Locking it at the starting line is totally counter productive, ESPECIALLY with a single disc unit that cant possibly stand up to that kind of abuse.

TV cable? no.
quote: "Locking it at the starting line is totally counter productive, ESPECIALLY with a single disc unit that cant possibly stand up to that kind of abuse." end quote

Dave, while the TCC works well in 3rd gear the way you suggest, I don't get the addded oomph through second gear. On the other hand, the input shaft doesn't get broken either.... It feels almost (not quite) like the trans is slipping in second.
In any case, it's a 5-disc unit, not a single disc--which is why I got it. Maybe I should switch to a non-lock-up... Anybody want a 5-disc Vigalante? Sigh.