Would this CD player work??

The SHORT answer is YES.

Youll need 1 additional thing though and thats an adapter for the wiring plug which you can get from Jay's GN's.

Also this should go right in ,it physically the same size.

Have a radio shop do the install for ya, they will be fast.

It will fit fine but you may have skipping problems due to the TTA's radio mounting angle. The factory CD players for 3rd gen f-bodies were unique in that they had a special transport to account for the angle. Of course back then they did not have the same quality servo tracking systems that newer radios have. I believe the 4th gen f-bodies have the radio mounted horizontal like most every other car. I have not put a 4th gen radio in a 3rd gen f-body so I cannot tell you. I do know that back in the late 80's early 90's when I worked at an install shop the general trend was not to install in dash cd players in these cars. We always sold the tuner/cassette radios with the 10 disk changers. I myself wound up buying a Sony in dash player with the 3 second shock buffer. Problem solved.
What piece is it from Jay's that I need to buy. Will the steering wheel controls still work? Thanks for the help guys. Could not have thought about it if it was no for you guys.

Rob Hinson
Bob's son
I myself had a Kenwood Unit and An Alpine unit in dash CD players in my old Thirdgen Trans AM. NEver had a problem with skipping at all. Infact it was so rare that I was shocked because I had plenty of experience with other cars skipping no matter what you do.
I dont think there is a real problem with it.