WP Strangeness


New Member
May 29, 2001
I was using WP for logging and the DOS version to make corrections till I got more familiar with WP. Now that WP is all I use, something strange happens on occasion. If I make a live (while on line) adjustment in a 2D graph and close the graph, then reopen it and look at it, the area I just adjusted is bottomed in the graph. I have to make changes in two 2D graphs, save it to disk then download to the ECU. What's up with that?? :rolleyes:

Also, is there a preferred com port speed setting? I know it can't be set slow but does it cause problems to set it to the highest speed available in the device manager. I'm running Win98 SE.
That same thing happens to me sometimes too... Whenever it happens the fuel pump will kick on (car shut off, key on) and I loose communication with the ECU. I can then reconnect with the ECU by using F2 and the graph I was working on will be bottomed out in the area I was adjusting. This happens about once every 15 minutes or so on average. Kind of ANNOYING sometimes.