Wrecked GN

I see no way in hell that, that thing sold for that much. Hell I bought mine 2 years ago off E-bay for $6500, rust free perfect driving condition, near perfect interior and only needed paint, heck I drove if 1500 miles home from New York too. Heres a pic of mine the day I picked it up. $4500 is crazy for that wrecked GN

I paid $4500 for mine, not running, but it just needed a wiring harness where the critters chewed on it. It was original down to the tires, belts , and hoses and a one owner unmolested car. Wish I could say the wiring harness was the only work I've had to do to it....:rolleyes:
Well the story goes like this, the owners son got in a fight with his grilfriend on prom night came home stole the keys to the GN and put it in to a poll . he got out of the car with out a mark on him . but i am sure when he got home his father put some marks on him :D . like Brian says it will be back on Ebay relisted in no time .

I would like to see who the winning bidder is? I'm sure its a friend of the owners jacking the price up. Will be checking Ebay to see what it will actually sell for.
Wow, you all got some good deals on your cars. I paid $10,000 for mine and it needed paint, tires, exhaust, injectors, turbo, intercooler, and a fuel pump.

It ran when I got it but all that and more was done to make it good again. Call me a sucker I guess, I was just happy to have another one and can say I did all the work and know exactly what has been done to mine. :D
if its his buddy jacking it up its all good as long as his buddy doesnt win.
$4500 :eek: Talk about inflation.Back in 2000 I bought a wrecked 87 GN for $1500.