WTB 86 or 87 Grand National


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I’m looking for a Grand National in the 5 k to 6 k range. I would like one with t tops if possible other then that painted bumpers would be nice and no red interior. Its going to be a daily driver so if it is drivable that would be great.
Since all Grand National's are black only, not to sound like a jerk, but you should do more research. That price, your going to get a somewhat ratted out T-type if your lucky, and even then, it will be an 84-85. Having gotten my first GN back last September, i suggest thorougly going through the car you want, and be ready to pay more for pampered and un or lightly modified or else your buying a money pit. My 85 is a hot air (non intercooled) car, and i love it, but i paid $8500.00 for it after the prior owner had already had a lot of the big work done. I have spent about $4k since on it because more needed to be done. Done forget, your looking at 22+ year old cars.
I have been looking around and it seams like you can get an 86 and 87 drivers from 7 on up in good shape. I would take a t-type too didn’t relies a t-type wasn’t considered a GN I always thought it was a T-type GN and a GNX GN. I know in this price range I’m going to have to lay down some paint and some interior work. I don’t mind the work I would rather not have a perfect car that way I don’t feel guilty when I change it. I had a chance to get a nice one for 8k but wrecked my truck and fixing it took some of my car cash. So now I have to lower my standers. I’m not looking for a low mileage car that is going to be show worthy this is more like I want some thing fun to drive but still big enough I can put the kids in if I have too.
The body wasnt as much of a concern as the mechanicals. Its real easy unless your really adept with your own repairs to spend 2-3k at a crack for seemingly minor repairs.

Good luck though. Once you get one, you will be hooked.
I can do most of the work my self I would rather buy tools then labor. I spend a lot of time driving the trials so I ether had to learn to build my own rigs our go broke.