WTB all parts needed to convert from 85 ECM to 86/87


85 Triple Threat
Mar 12, 2004
I am looking for all of the parts to convert my 85 hotair ECM to the 86/87 version. I will need a 86/87 ECM, 86/87 MAF and MAT sensors, any wire conectors that I will need, and an 86/87 chip. Let me know what all you have.
Conversion parts

I have a Thrasher 93 chip for stock injectors with antitheft, a rebuilt MAF that I used for about a year plus the wiring adapter to convert the 85 ignition to 86/87 ignition module if you are going to do that. $100 plus shipping.
85grandnation- Your ultra chip is on its way. I did post on GNTTYPE.ORG on how to convert to the 86/87 ECM for future reference. I swithched because I am installing a progressive ALKY kit and a larger turbo which the ALKY kit needs the newer ECM. Good luck- Brad