WTB: Clear Front Directional Lenses '87 GN

You moght find the left later and kick yourself in the butt for not getting the right when you had a chance? You will never find another NOS lense like this!!!!
My pleasure buddy!! Thats what I had to do and didb't want to take a chance on missing this one! If nothing else it will be an extra if we find a good set but there all getting pretty old now (like me, lol)
I Have a set on my car, they are basically new as I haven't driven the car much since I bought them on....
Have these been discontinued by GM or something ? I noticed a few people who are looking for them....
Cant find them anywhere, I'd be interested in a set as well if anyone knows where to get them
Hey Tim, i'll take them if you wanna sell them? And Xtant makes some Very nice stuff!!