WTB: El camino


I'm looking for any year el camino within about 50-75 miles of Bethlehem PA. Prefer v8 car but 6 is ok. Also shouldn't need a lot of body work since I'm not a body man. I have about $2000 to spend. Let me know what you or someone you know has. Thanks!
I have a clean 80 Elcamino in PA right off I-95 exit 37 street road in that price range if you're interested :cool:

Thanks Jim
Sent another email. Do you have aim by any chance? My phone is giving me problems so I won't be able to call till next week. If you could send me any other info on the car and possibly some pics that would be great till then. Also if you could send me your address so I could mapquest it and possibly take a ride up there to look at it I would appreciate it. Thanks!