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Jul 5, 2004
Interested in FAST XFI and was curious if anyone had the DVD I could buy. Not really wanting to pay $40 for it from Summit, but would like to learn about FAST before taking the plunge. Anyone got one laying around they would like to sell, rent, loan, etc? :biggrin:
I got one somewhere. I'm using my phone right now. Send me a pm and we will figure this out
Like Cal said - it's pretty basic. I wouldn't pay $40 for it either. I actually bought it for one of Cal's xfi customers to try and learn a little. He never watched it.
I downloaded the software and have been playing with it. It is sick! I am sold. Would love to have it for this future stage motor build. Of course, unless I hit the lotto, or there is a 90% off holiday sale, it will take me a little while to save up for it. ;)