WTB GN/TR where else can i look??


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i know there are alot of websites selling turbo buicks, i went on racingjunk.com ,ebay, craigslist, what are some other trusted websites i might find some nice rides at, any suggestions, will help thanx :cool:
With patience you will probably find what you are looking for just on this forum. My last 2 were found here.
Dont buy on line at autotrader.com I bought a gn there and got burned bad!! there is no way to get help thru them. Just do your home work and you should be ok. This site is probably the best place to find what you want and no one wants there name posted on a s##tlist!!
You can buy here or another buick website. Or you can pay 35% more then you should on ebay. Craigslist might be ok if you can drive out to see the car yourself.
But the benefit of this website is that sellers can't BS the general population with outrageous claims (twin turbo, awd, cheap GNX, etc). The people here do a pretty good job of policing the posts and if a seller has a good posting history I would do a little research and then I would trust them more then a car dealer on ebay.
well i had a range up to like 17k. And i live in southern new jersey, would travel anywheres on the east coast to buy a car. But im going to med. school, and finacial aid only covers so much, i been saving this money since i was 10 im now 23, and i wanted to buy sumtin that i really wanted and a turbo buick was it, but hopefully after some time into med. school i can purchase a turbo buick or 2 ,3,4,5,6 of em for that matter. thanx for the replys i got the jist of this place being the best place to purchase a turbo buick, within 5 mins of being on this website,