WTB header panel


Feb 27, 2015
I am looking for at least 1 regal/GN header panel 84+. Needs to be damage free or close to it. A black GN header would be very ideal since it's going on a GN. More than likely will have to have it shipped so I need the seller to be good at packaging it. Thanks.
Hi, hey I do have a darn near mint black one off my 87 - GN. It will need repainted as it does have 3 or 4 small scratches on the left corner, other than that it's cherry. I want $550 plus shipping for it. I do know how to package them as I've sold 4 or 5 over the years. If interested I can get you pics. of it. Thanks Mike
Hi, Very sorry guys but a fellow Buick guy right here in Spokane has bought it. Sure saves me the trouble of shipping it. Thanks to all who asked about it. Mike