WTB NA Stage II headers, intake, etc


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Jul 5, 2004
Building up my GN, which will get its Stage II once I get the body/interior/fuel/efi stuff figured out, but in the meantime I am considering throwing together a beater, low budget NA Stage II for the local dirt drags. I think it’d be fun to throw a nasty NA BMS V6 in something, put some boggers or paddles on it and go play. Would be fun to show folks what the Buick V6 can do. I have some misc S2 parts, and one of the blocks and set of heads I have is probably only suitable for NA, so figured this would be fun.

Could use the following, cheap as possible. Like I said, it won’t be pretty, it’ll be put together with some used up parts. Who has some NA crap that no one else wants?!

On center intake (I have the top portion of a dual carb setup, would be cool to run one of the old tunnel ram, dual carb intakes.)

If you have old NA cams, pistons, etc (all the crap that no one ever wants) I’d be interested. Shipping would be either direct to me in Hawaii 96789 (if can fit flat rate) or to my freight forwarder in Compton 90220.
Dank GN should have some ( maybe all ) of the parts that you need. I literally could have hand delivered those parts to Hickam AFB about a month ago. I may have some headers and will take some pics for you this evening.
Funny you mention Dank, I am getting a stack of Chris’s NA parts. Still need headers, so yes please, pics would be awesome!

What were you doing here? You come out here periodically?
Here are the NA stage 2 headers i had mentioned $300.00 plus shipping.
I will attach pics of the mechanical fuel injection to another post. Unfortunately its production cylinder head stuff.


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The FI is all for production heads. Let me know if you have any questions


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