WTB Project Turbo Regal near KS


New Member
Dec 7, 2005
I'm in the market for Turbo Regal project....It doesn't have to be anything special, but at least have a solid body. And if it runs, that works too. I'm in KS so the nearer the better. If anyone has anything, or any leads please let me know. Thanks.
I've got an '85 TType roller for sale. I might be able to bring it out that way if I can ever get Quick6'n'K.C. to answer his emails and sell me his truck. Check out my ad in the Cars for Sale section & email me directly if you're interested. Thanks.

i have an 84 gn with new paint & interior. New motor just put in & needs tuned. I am about 30 min. north of kc. send me a pm if your interested.