wtt 81 3.8 long block assembly

Would it change your mind if I told you I know someone that has a complete carb turbo setup?
hmm no not really, its not what i really wont to do. i know i got that 3.8 but now it just sits there impossible to find performance parts at good prices. the only heads i found was on TA for 2g yea im out for that much i can get me heads and a forged strocker kit for a 350. Dont get me wrong theres guys on here putting down some serious power with the 3.8 motors but id rather do a 5.7. Just look in a jegs book or summit they dont have S*&# for our engines and the people that do wont to charge a ridicouls amout on then im sure there worth it but not for me
i hear you. but whats the point in getting that with stock block heads cam pistons etc. just look at the castings on a 3.8 with those big holes in the lifter valley thats weak sauce honestly at least a 350 is a 4 bolt main and dosent use that dumb rope seal. and bang for buck 350 is the way to go not trying to sound like a A$$hole but just my 2cents
The casting is normal in the block. You get any 86-87 block and they are round and smooth. As far as teh rope seals, you can use chevy style neoprene and throw those stupid ropes in the garbage. The any turbo buick v6 doesn't cost a ton to mod if you are creative and spend your money in the right places. IF you have a good block to start with, you probably won't have much more than 500 bucks into the rebuild, and that's for the turbo kit. There's stock longblock draw thru cars (79-83) running Stock 87 GN times. A stock 350 isn't going to run that. I see so many small blocks under hoods of cars a car show I won't even look twice at the motor and if someone starts talking about how great there 350 is most of the time I fade it out. It's your choice to follow the flock, just don't kill such a rare car.
yea i agree a stock 350 isnt going to out run a boosted 6 thats modded but theres no point in doing all that work to the 6 and only running what stock 87 GN's are running that be worth less
Beast I've got a spare carb/turbo and just south of you in Hillsboro. If you've seen my post about all turbs are not creatd equal there are several different things you can do and stll get the poser and gas mileage. You sure you want to get rid of it?