WTT GN style recovered seats for Grey Turbo T seats


Aug 16, 2007
I couple years ago I recovered my seats with the two tone GN style covers. I am now looking to return the car to its original look.
Rather than recover them again with the grey seat covers, I figured I would look for a trade first.
Im looking to trade my front and rear seats for a nice set of grey Turbo T seats. Must have no rips or tears and in good condition. Im located in Ohio. I also have new black carpet, I can throw in for a few bucks.

I would also consider the early (84-85 I think) style two tone Vinly/ leather looking GN seats (just because I love those things.).
I can get pics of my interior to anyone interested. Everything looks new.
If you end up trying to sell them let me know a price and can you send me some pictures ;)

I have a set to trade in NJ I could get some photos Monday. They are in a 87 WE-4 with 33000 miles. I can count on one hand how many times the back seat was sat in. My zip is 07512 How far in Ohio are you? Mike
What is your zip? I have a set that someone put in my GN before I bought it that I would be willing to trade. I'm at 37687. I will confirm the condition of mine to make sure there are no tares or burns or anything and let you know (they have covers over them right now). If we aren't too far from each other we might to meet in the middle somewhere.
My zip is 44281 Wadsworth, OH (North central area). My email is adeemas@aol.com if you want to send me pictures of the seats.


I just checked mine. Driver seat has a 2" busted seam on the upper back and the passanger seat is real thin with some a few busted seams in the bottom. Rear top and bottom is in great shape. Sorry I they couldn't be better.