WTT my TE61 for smaller

May I ask why you are going back to a TA49? Both great turbo's, just curious.

Trade for this turbo....he's a Wings fan, so you can trust'em!
dammit! id trade you in a heart beat! i have a ta-49 that i got from a board member (jdpolzin) that had 1000 or so miles on it when i got it from him, and ive only been running it since late october so its got around the same miles.

only problem is i cant afford to have the car un-usable either as i send my skylark to paint tomorrow:mad:

oh well, the starts will align one day
Mike,have a TE44 with about 200 miles on it since rebuild. Also a PT51 with 1500 miles since new. What shape is yours in?

Also have a TA49 but it has shaft play with no smoke/wheel damage yet.

44 and 49 have quick spool garret housing,51 has .63 precision.

PM me if you want.
I have a TA-49... Good condition.... no shaft play.. Runs Great.. Never used above 16psi... Let me know if you are intrested.... Thanks.....