XFI Internal Data Logger arming


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This really a stupid question but here's the excerpt from the manual regarding arming the XFi Internal Data Logger:

"The first step in initiating a data logging session is arming. Applying battery voltage to the pink wire (PA Enable) found in Pin F of the POWAD connector (or Pin B19 of the ECU connector) arms the data logging process. This can be wired to a dash-mounted switch to allow the driver to enable arming."

...I will be using a switch for the arming...I have a pink arming wire hooked into Pin B19(thanks to Caspers for the wire)...and I understand I have to apply 12V to that wire...but my confusion is how to hook the switch in...do I just hook this arming wire to one terminal of the switch and the other switch terminal to a 12V source...or do I have to hook the arming wire and a 12V source wire to one terminal of the switch and the other terminal to a ground...do I even need a ground?...I'm thinking that since the XFI box is already grounded I don't need to ground the switch...I've attached a couple of examples...which one is right...


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No ground is needed. Set the trigger to PA enable and apply momentary 12v to B19 to arm it. This will get R done with the flip of the switch.

-scott wile