XFI MAL Code 25 - What is it?


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How does one determine what is error code 25 is?
I only have the SM readout.
Someone please enlighten me.


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I'm unaware of what the scanmaster codes are. But with the XFI codes, a code 25 would be 16+8+1. So, three codes. I would log into your XFI and look at both error code 1 & error code 2 and see what the xfi reports.

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the mal code display works as follows.

the first digit is which code word, the second digit is which code.

so second code word, 5th code, which based on your screen shots is n/a

scanmaster instructions are attached.


Much appreciated gentlemen!

The SES light came on after a spirited run which prompted me to look at the codes. This happened a few weeks ago as well but I never got around to researching it. Car runs great and thought it was a boost error.

I will review the manual and reply with findings.
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