XFI with distributor/Caspers harness wiring questions


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Oct 20, 2008
This has turned into a very long term project and I'm almost ready to fire it up. I've been searching for answers to a few questions. I'm thinking someone here will probably have the answers.

I'll do my best to explain, here is the scenario...

I sent the Caspers harness in to have it shortened. I've spoken with John, he's not sure if the wires (I believe A3 and A7) that used to have connectors on them (red and green) were switched to accomidate a distributor. I can install the two connectors, that's not a problem. Let me continue...

I have the Caspers dead end connector and the short adapter harness to plug the distributor into the factory harness, however, the distributor (MSD) had been previously converted to a two terminal weatherpac connector. I am changing that to a 3 terminal weatherpac to plug into the factory connector.

After reviewing the info in the FAST instructions and diagrams and the Buick shop manual, what I can find is a chart that is showing the dizzy plugging into a FAST harness with + and - terminals, and the pinout and wiring schematic for the cam sensor.

Here are my questions...

1) I think I know but just to be sure, which wires do the two distributor leads (black/violet[+] and black/orange[-]) connect to on the factory harness (gray/red[12v], black[grd], lt blue[signal])?

2) Is there a signal I can look for at the ECU connector to tell if the wires at A3 and A7 are correct or need to be swapped before plugging it in and turning the key?

Any help would be appreciated!

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