Xylene in gasoline


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May 24, 2001
OH, no! Not another xylene thread. :rolleyes: ;)

For those interested in xylene or toluene, take a look at this chromatogram. It's from an instruement that seperate gasoline into it's individual components.

Notice some of the largest peaks (which is fairly relative to the % composition) are toluene, and xylenes. "Xylene" is a mixture of three isomers - O, M and P. These aren't foreign substances to you fuel system. Toluene and xylene are already major components of gasoline. Adding more is like spiking cola with more caffeine. :)

HTH some feel better about using xylene.
There is a drink called JOLT that does exactly that! Cola & a big heap of caffeine. Drinking one is like Race Fuel!!