Yep..Got Milk?


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Aug 22, 2008
....oil looks like chocolate milk. Only happened while idling. Havent' driven or let the car run since. I think it's the head gasket. Have had a slight ticking in and out the past 20 miles car was driven. Just thought lifter was sad and needed a little push. Placed Lucas in there and quietened it up. Then here we are. thinks its a swell idea to replace main bearings (Upper and lower) with new head gaskets and add ZDDP and roll out. My question is ...what would be the reason for replacing the main bearings at all if we weren't going to turn the crank?? Is this a common practice with GN's ?? The car has never smoked, or had power compromised, just had a slight ticking and then chocolate milk. The car is far from stock and has been to the track a couple of times off the street and run 11.20's. Precision t60 and Intercooler, Delphi 55lb, Speed Pro Flat, Champion, Alky, Turbo Tweak, 9" billet NL, 3500 Stall, Scanmaster, MT 9.5's on back .
If you were running antifreeze, there is a good chance that ALL the bearings have been affected by it. :frown:

In that case, probably best to remove the engine to change all the bearings.
Got to agree with Nick here. Normal anti freeze has silica in it and once it's in the engine it's like fine sand running through the engine. If you were using dexcool you'd be fine because it doesn't have any silica in it.