You already told me 6x9's wont work, how bout 5x7s?


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
May 27, 2001
Ok, I dont like this 6x9 adapter bull$h*t. So I was thinkin, I see how the 4x10 fits in there. How about a 5x7? Could I TOP mount those? I will cut the metal the proper size, cut the board with the carpeting over it and install it on top, then set the grille on there for that nice look. Will 5x7's work? If so, I'm just gonna go with those. and then maybe I can get those torsion bars back on there! Whaddya think?

check and see if the width of the 5 x 7 will fit the width of the rear deck. If they do, then you can cut the metal to fit. You have a good idea, just use a template for the cut out and use a dremmel with a cut-off wheel to cut. It will take longer but you will have a better cut in the metal. I dont recomend using tin snips because of the room to work with and it bends the heck out of the metal. Good luck. BTW, I sent you a reply to your e-mail :cool: .
I struggled with those looney 6x9 adapters myself before figuring out a good solution: screw the adaptors to the speaker with small, fine-thread bolts and nuts. Once they are securely fastened to the speaker, mount the speakers under the rear deck by drilling holes through the adaptors into the rear deck. Then screw in small sheetmetal screws from the top or bottom. Voila, nice fit, secure, and none of those darn hangers are needed. BTW, I glued some spongy foam to the tops of the adapters so they wouldn't chatter against the bottom of the rear deck. I've had no problems whatsoever with them.

Just another way to skin the cat....Good luck, and where are those dang LED turn signal instructions??? ;)
hahah, well the LED problem is still not solved. He has been real busy this summer and hasnt had time to examine them. The instructions are still available though :)


Thanks for the tip Dhause, I ordered the 5x7's for the back, if I can cut and top mount them, Im puttin em in. If it wont solve the problem then I'll just bottom mount those 6x9's like you say
i top mounted my 6x9' snad had no problems... i cut the whole and screwed top to the bottom and they work great...
i put GM factor 6x9's in the back and i also cut out a whole for 5x7's.. and then the 3-1/2's in the front. the 5x7 and 6x9's are brided into each channel .. one 6x9 and 5x7 in one side and it sounds great.. and my head unit is 50x4