You Asked For It!


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You Asked For It, here it is! For New and Old members! Take time to post about yourself and let everyone get to know you!

well im not new but im getting close to 2000 say im addicted to would really be an understatement.Im an average Turbo Buick owner that just happens to work on all kinds of cars for a living,so i can tell you without a doupt that working on our cars is simple and a lot less complicated.
Ive really enjoyed the talk,tech tips,etc from my fellow TR owners here and this by far is my favorite web site (my wife can vouch)...I hope i can help others here,and the best thing about this site is attending buick shows/races and meeting and putting faces to the screen names......thanks if we can get rid of the section "political views" this site would be perfect......................................;-)
Move this thread?

Seems like New Members always post in the Members Rides & Family Rides Thread. Can you swap places so the New Member intro's can be closer to the top for the new members to find?

Just a thought
Name Change Request

I would like to change my username. I would like the new username changed to QWICK6-MA.
Thank you in advance.
hello everyone, im new to the site and a new owner of an 87 t-type it was build by the previous owner and his father the original owner to be a street/strip car so it make great power and is a blast to drive...ill be looking to this site for info and friends currently i live in san diego but do to work related things ill be moving to missouri before the end of the year so any help or friendship will be greatly appreciated.
Not a new member myself but my name is Allan Gorneault and work as an Aerospace test engineer and moonlight as a high end classic car restorer. Our shop is well equipped and work with some buddies who have the same passion as I do. When I travel I try and make it a point to meet up with members who are far away that I would otherwise not get a chance to meet. As far as Turbo Buicks is concerned I try and get involved with every aspect of the car including engine , transmission, rear end and tuning as well as the obvious body and paint. There isn't much I don't get my hands in these days and always looking for things to improve upon. I became friends with local vendors on this site such as my best friend Bison, Mark H. and Chris from CK performance. With help from Chris at CK performance I manage to build my own TH400 swichable stall and is one of my own proud personal accomplishments. Basically have more fun building, modifying and experimenting than I do racing.
Allan G.