your kidding, right?


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Mar 2, 2003
i'm stoped at a stop light minding my own business, i might have singing to the radio a little;) this very nice looking 454 ss chevy truck pulls up next to me, the older black ones. great looking truck. i glance over at it and then go back to singing.

the light turns green and he nails it and does a little burnout, i wasnt' even expecting it but decided to just try to run him down. He put probably 4-5 car legnths on me on the start, but one block after the intercection i was right next to him. so in not even 2 blocks i caught up to him, and flew right past him.

all of this was with my car not running all that great, boost is way down at 11# right now, cheap 91 octane gas, not a fast car at all.

arent' those trucks faster than that? It wasn't like running down a honda by any means, but he sure wasn't all that fast.

They are a great idea, but executed poorly...Big Block, but with Throttle body injection and a restricive manifold, totally detuned.

They "can" fly, but it takes lots o mods/money.
At the time, it wasn't bad for a big truck. I had a very nice (show winner) one, and put some basic mods on it. Exhaust, intake, regulator, chip, etc. It was probably still in the 15's, but it had a shift kit and made smokies in 2 gears. I should have taken it to the track, but at 10 mpg, and no trailer, it would have cost me big time! The truck was awesome looking. The biggest downside for me was the 10 mpg and the 55 mph highway cruising due to the 4:11 rear and TH400 tranny. My new Lightning would smoke it, but I will tell you what, no vehicle got the looks like that truck. It was dropped, loud, and super clean. I still miss it. I raced it one time against a heavily modified 454 SS, and beat him by about 2 lenghts. I had straight pipes on it, no cats, no mufflers. My g/f drove it to work at night and I could literally hear her coming about 3-4 minutes before she got home!:eek: Later I put Flowmasters on it, as my neighbors really started complaining. It was kinda loud.:D
no doubt it was a nice looking truck, i was concidering one before ig ot my buick but decidedi just didnt' want a truck. I had no idea they were that slow, I realy expected it to be faster with the 454, but oh well.
I know a guy in Fairbanks with one. He debaged it and threw in a supercharged 406 smallblock :D

My friend Chris had a blue Chevy truck same as the 454 truck but came with the small block. It had 3:08 gears we put a 434small block together for it and it ran 12.60's@110mph.
When we took that engine out we replaced it with a stock 355 with Elderbrock heads/intake/600carb the damn truck still went 13.90's! The 454 trucks were a great idea they just were never fast :(
If I remember right I think the stock 350 trucks were actualy faster.:eek:
7.4 Liter 255HP @ 4,000 rpm 405 Lb of torque @ 2400 rpm

Those trucks are torque monsters!