Yum! rice for dinner

Gunner Jake

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Friday night i was driving home from setting up my booth at a local Import/lowrider show with my girlfriend and there was more rice running around than at an asian restuarant. We were just tooling around on one of the back streets heading thru downtown and the next thing I know here comes a sentra all riced out with a fart can heavy a$$ rims and about 600 horse worth of go fast stickers. Well he looks over at the car and eases 1-2 cars ahead and nails it (I guess he was impressing his 12 year old girlfriend, So I nail it and drop into passing gear and pull up beside him. The traffic was thick so I let out and slowed back to the speed limit. Well obviously this wasn't enough for the kid so he guns it again and darts back and forth in traffic, at this point I decided there is no way I'm letting this happen so when it clears up I come up behind him and lo and behold there's two empty lanes at a red light. I got to the light a little late and only had time to build a couple of lbs of boost( it was enuff)anyway the light goes green and I hear his little fart can start to wail by the time I went to 2nd he had fallen about 5 cars back and he just slowed and fell in behind me. Again this little lesson wasn't quite enuff so when I get into a right hand turn lane at the next light he passes by revving his hamsters and takes off like a bat outta hell. Some kids never learn. At least he now knows the power of the Dark Side. Even if the dark side has an exhaust leak and bad tires.;) By the way Gary I'll be by next Sunday to check on a few parts and some help and then it's off to pick up an 87 Gn and scatter rice like family members at a wedding.:D
Good Kill.
Don't you feel bad about picking on poor underpowered rice mobile.
Sunday will be the better day.
Gary :)
i think my friend went to that car show. he said there might as well been a kanki there because of so much rice. do you guys ever go down to benson on thurs. i would love to hang out with some turbo buick heads. but NC is getting to be well known for RICE. but good kill anyways. but his Greddy clutch and MOMO rims just didn't hook up to his kitzki tranny with NAS bottles activated.

hav'nt ya heard of uncle bens slow cooked rice, takes just a few seconds and it's DONE! best when pressure cooked!
you know every chance i get to race rice they hear my 1st warning (bring the turbo up just alittle) and for some resion they just dont want to race cant figure it out :confused: :D