Generally YES--unless you have a roller cam... However, there are SOME oils out-there that claim to have as much zinc & phosphate as the older spec F oils for which our cars were designed to use.

Personally, I have a roller cam & just use Valvoline Racing Oil,,,without the added ZDDP...
What other products might one get some zinc additive in? What oils claim to have good zinc levels?
Crane Super Lube - has a higher concentration of Zn and P, also more economical. Summit has it.

Chevron Delo is one that is readily available, and also just barely adequate enough for FT with not-too-crazy spring pressures.
thanks for the info ! i still have the flat tappet so im gonna run mobil one or royal purple with zddp gonna order some from a vendor today:biggrin:
kirban 2 cents worth

here is a topic I am well versed in as the largest seller of the product. You are on the right track with a flat tappet set up. ZDDPlus is the easiest solution bringing current SM oil back to 1988 specs which is what you want for proper protection.

It has gradually been removed from API SM oils due to warranties associated with cataltytic convertors now being over 100,000 miles and supposedly roller set ups do not require that much zddp.

While the government and such would like you to believe it is not needed in your oil in roller set ups here are some proven facts.

The company behind this product had original oil out of a 2007 Corvette ZO6 tested at 400 miles. This is the oil in a ZO6 when the car was new. That oil from GM contained 3,000 ppm (not a misprint). The new Mobil oil that the engine calls for only has 800 ppm. All new SM oils no matter what brand what type has to be around 800 ppm.

Racing oils and other oils not carrying the API SM can have more ZDDP.

I doubt the ZO6 Corvette has a flat tappet valve train in it!!!

We also have worked with a engine builder that builds 1,000 hp race engines with roller set ups for magazine cars and tears them down. He has discovered that by using zddplus with the oil he uses it has significantly reduced scuffing and cam lobe wear. I have that in writing.

Most race motors with roller set ups are going in older street rods etc and they have extreme spring pressures and are not affected by the EPA and cataltyic converter issues.

One bottle is a small price to invest in to protect your engine no matter what system is in it. Wear translates into metal shavings ending up somewhere in your engine.

We sell direct to 4 cam companies. They buy it for a reason.



It is available from Jack Cotton and Gbodyparts and Jays GN and us currently in the Buick Turbo world.
kirban 2 cents worth

Last I read Crane had shut their doors. Also, they refer to their product for break in. While they may claim they have those high levels of zinc and phos. it does not necessarily make the zddp molecule.

Also if it had the high levels that ours does it would have to clearly state on the bottle not for OBD cars because of the issues related to EPA.

ZDDPlus is putting up some very serious cash money for Turbo Buick participants for the Turbo Stock Appearing Class at Bowling Green. Is Crane?

Food for thought.



Owned a few turbo regals over the years. I don't think putting a half ounce in out of an 8 ounce bottle to treat a 4-6 quart oil change would bring the level back to 1,800 ppm. You also have to remember that zddp depletes at a faster level during the first thousand miles of driving.