Zero Dark Thirty


Jan 31, 2011
So what do you think? I hear there is ALOT of fiction in the movie. Propaganda or not im going to watch it tomorrow.

Read,No easy day. It was written by one of the seals on the mission. I'm sure the movie is a lot of Hollywood.. BTW.. Jessica Chastain....smoking!!!! Phil.
You still really think it was a SEAL? LOL :D Delta all the way. It's just that they dont exist. :eek:

Unfortunately we wont ever know the truth about Bin Laden If he's dead or being kept in a secret underground jail to squeeze info out of him? Gotta just sit and wait for that book from one of the team member's who was there. Im sure it will come out in the light one day.
Yea, guess we'll never really know... I saw the Nat Geo movie, was pretty close to the book other than a few discrepancies. I guess if we look at it as entertainment, less disappointment..Phil.
I like how political figures are talking the movie down and saying how it shouldnt be shown...I wonder if the scenes where the government gave up on bin laden hit home to some of our "elected officials"