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    87 GN possible part out

    Keep it, you'll regret it for a long time, I travel to Merritt island, every month, and I can tell you there is no GN, there, I haven't seen any in cocoa beach either. Forget the history of the car, what matters is where it's at now. The car looks good. I sold one and missed it so much that...
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    Tower Shoppes Tomorrow Night.....

    It used to be towershops
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    anybody from or near rock springs , Wyoming?

    trying to find a fellow buick guy that knows the area or lives around there.
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    Built Motor Trans RJC FMIC

    Price please
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    Miami - Bunch of local parts for sale

    Do you have the metal trim that goes on the piller? Next to the window.. i dont know the name of it.
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    Flow Testing Heads?

    No , luck huh
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    Turbo Buick Car Show 2/22/15 in Broward

    Wish my turbo was ready :-(
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    Hi i am looking for a door sill , the piller sill not sure what the name of that piece of metal is called, its by the windows
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    need help finding ..........

    This guy did this in the pouring rain..
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    need help finding ..........

    A few pics
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    need help finding ..........

    hay guys , anyone know where i can find a guy who can paint a fender? i have tried these craigslist repair guys and its .........well let me just say, it sucks!! all i need is a fender painted. with a real spray paint gun, NOT A FREAKING CAN OF PAINT.!!! sorry , just really feed-up......
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    Need door trim,

    sorry for the delay, make that 2 toby, no problem baker :)
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    Need door trim,

    Sorry passenger side
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    Need door trim,

    Hi guys , looking for the metal trim that goes on the side of the car window..see pix. Thanks
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    Next Broward Turbo Buick Meet 1/11/2015

    It's not raining