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    Air Lift 60733 with Eibach Pro-Kit Rear Lowering Springs?

    Has anyone used the Air Lift 60733 air bags in the Eibach lowering springs without issues? Is the 60733 for use in stock springs only? I need to eliminate some fender rubbing with my ET Streets on bumps and don't really want to roll the fenders unless I really have to as a last resort.
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    Re-locating to Northwest Florida

    Hey everyone. Is anyone interested in meeting up at a couple of local car shows? There is one on 22 Sep in Crestview 22, 2018 8:00 am&calendar=true and one on 13 Oct in Pensacola Beach...
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    Re-locating to Northwest Florida

    Hey guys, I'm recently retired AF from Herbie as well. Living in Crestview (an hr north from Herbie). Got here in summer of 2013 and punched 1 Mar 2016. Anyways, GN enthusiast here as well. Have a HT 87, fully built by KDK Perf in Orlando. Unfortunately, car is at my father's garage in...
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    Install ? For those with BOVs

    Wiseman, I went to Lowes and picked up 5 washers about 1/8" thick the same dia as the spring. I then installed two washers, test drove and everything works fine now. You'll have to experiment with the thickness of the washers to see what works for you. HTH
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    *GN in a New Movie*

    I apologize if this has been posted already but it looks like a new movie will be coming out featuring a red 750 HP GN. Hope its better than F&F4! Here is the link and scroll down to the bottom and click on Behind the Scenes- "Frank's car":
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    87 grand national 69k miles ,sout fla,$16900

    Don't worry Mike, Its going to a good home and will be taken care of...:)
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    87 grand national 69k miles ,sout fla,$16900

    Interested, sent you an email. Thanks.
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    2010 GT500 Shelby Cobra

    And Found On the Road Defeated!
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    I Love Stumping the younger generation :)

    I remember once going through the Checkers drive thru and buying a meal that was like $4 and change. Gave the youngin a $10 bill. Got my meal and change. Put the change in the cup holder and left. As I was driving home, I looked down and noticed a $10 bill mixed in with the change. I got a meal...
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    GNX dash cluster problem

    Subscribed.... Dwayne, When you figure it out let me know also. I have the same speedo and it does the same exact thing. One day it was working, the next day nothing :confused: For now, I just rely on the scanmaster.
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    Gnx #358 $67k

    It's not mine and I don't know if this was previously posted but I saw this on Thought I would share. Sorry, don't know how to post a link. 17.5K miles. If I only had the $$...
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    1981 Turbo T/A Nascar Pace Car

    **Updated price** Here are some pics: Daily driver, 145K mi, TH350C w/B&M shift kit, Runs and drives good, B&M Megashifter, original paint. A/C not working. Have original rims and shifter. PHS documented. $5000 firm or $5500 with original rims and shifter
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    1981 Turbo T/A Nascar Pace Car

    1 of 2000, V8 301 4 bbl Turbo, White/black exterior needs some body work, Excellent red/black Recaro interior. Car is a daily driver so it is not perfect. $5700. If interested, Email or PM me. I am currently stationed in Korea and won't be back in the states (Eastern N.C.) until 14 Dec. Let...
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    Methanol Sources

    Jacksonville, Fla Area Southern Karting / Radical Racing Engines 12523 Old Plank Rd Jacksonville, FL 32220 (904) 378-1355 and Wells Performance Products 1347 University Blvd N Jacksonville, FL 32211-5225 (904) 743-5878
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    Another 09 SRT8 Challenger

    Nice Kill!! Yes, those Challengers are NICE! I don't have anything against Dodge since I will soon be getting a 2010 Ram 1500 CC Hemi. The aftermarket is definitely big for these cars. Check out this Challenger from Steve Saleen (SMS): SMS 570 and 570X - optimized Dodge Challengers...
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