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    New turbo

    Thanks for the replies I will look into those. More up to date is exactly what I wanted to know about
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    New turbo

    Have a 87 we4 what new turbos work with stock torque converter s please
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    Crossover Pipe needed

    Anyone have a crossover pipe for a 84 t type for sale
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    Rear filler panel hardware

    What is the proper type fastener to hold rear fillers to the studs on rear of car. Like thread size etc. Please thanks
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    New Guage pod and location

    Looks very good, genius thinking!
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    I love this car

    Looks good!
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    Cold Air Intake

    Would like info on a cold air intake where K&N is not under the hood. Which one recommended please?
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    Turbo Regal Picture Thread

    Very good choice! Looks excellent
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    console shift cable

    Part # recommendation please
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    shifter cable

    Will a local part store shifter cable work on a 87 turboT ? I know I can order one but I need one now