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    Axis box and chip combo

    Thank you sir for the info
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    Axis box and chip combo

    Thinking about getting it, what improvements did it make for your car?
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    Idle air control valve housing

    Need a stock IAC housing on the bottom of throttle body. Maybe someone who has angle boss doesn't need stock one anymore
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    Chrome Alt case for 87 grand natinal

    Sir did you locate alternator cases yet?
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    Turbo Regal Picture Thread

    Good job! Looks sharp
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    interior ideas

    Awesome good job!
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    Rebuilding tail lights ... Repaint inside buckets white or silver??

    I would definitely go with a silver or chrome spray paint. It is much more reflective
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    Rear window glass

    Sir I went to a local auto glass shop, they are still available mine has defrost to and it came with new wires already soldered on so it plugged up like factory. Glass masters was the name
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    And the build is underway

    Keep up the good work!
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    Scanmaster as a gauge

    Sir please consider offering silver bezels I need one silver face with silver bezel or if silver bezels is custom could I get pricing on that so I can get please
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    Scanmaster as a gauge

    Sir what are the other available colors, my bezels are Silver I have Stewart Warner Maximum Performance gauges in turbo T
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    Windshield trim gasket\seal... and Kirban performance has them
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    Headlight Bezel / header panel Mismatch

    Sir it is the aftermarket header panel, you will have to drill new holes. No one makes a replacement header panel yet that is dead on right
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    Refinishing Rear End (Differential / Axle Tubes)

    Sir would like to know part# or where to purchase SS brake line
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    Replacement RPO Trunk Tag?

    Need that too
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