1. Wrath

    Fuel Sender Float sensor repair/replacement

    So as I was restoring my GN's interior this past week (new ignition, turn signal switches, steering wheel, speakers/radio, gauge cluster, ect.) I found that my fuel gauge on new cluster was pegging out above Full, meaning an open circuit from signal wire. Well I traced it down to the fuel float...
  2. O

    Gauge cluster and trans dipstick

    I'm looking for a gauge cluster and trans dipstick for an 87 GN. Don't need the tube but understand if you don't wanna split them up. Let me know what you have and shipping to 19090.
  3. V

    Autometer Digital gauges and some SBC intake, carburetor and misc. parts.

    I recently sold my other project and freed up a bunch of parts, the oil pressure and water temperature gauges were purchased new from jegs on 4/28/16, I switched to the ones I removed from the car I sold. Prices are shipped unless otherwise noted. -SOLD Digital Sport-Comp 6327 Oil Pressure...
  4. W

    Cons to temporary oil psi gauge at top of turbo

    I just need a temporary gauge to get hot idle psi, ive installed a vdo mechanical direct mount gauge at a t fitting connected to feed line at top if turbo. Is it ok to mount it there? Will its location affect readings? I get 11 psi hot idle and 65+ WOT, need to know if this is accurate depending...