1/18 GMP turbo Buick Epitome


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Mar 11, 2010
I have 5 cars left.

1983 Molly/ Buick grand national prototype
This includes The limited addition diecast car number Gold plate number 180 of 300 produced for the series. It includes the lithograph as well as the certificate of authenticity. also includes both boxes

1985 Buick grand national. This is also gold plate car number 180 300 produced for the a pitta me series. Also includes the certificate of often to city to window stickers a lithograph as well as a letter. This car also includes both boxes

1986 Buick regal T type designer series WH1. This includes gold plate number 180 300 produced what’s the window sticker

1987 Buick GNX. The centennial 2003 GMP chrome with certificate of authticity paperwork gold plate number 180 of 547 produced for the series
$150. SOLD

1987 Buick grand national black chrome also part of the a epitome series gold plate number 180 of 300 cars produced in the lithograp can you be seven Buick grand national black chrome also part of the a pitta me series gold plate number 180 of 300 cars produced.
This also includes the lithograph it is limited number 180 of 354 produced
Text or call if you have questions or need pics sites not allowing my pics.
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He’s some pics.
It’s very sad that we’ve lost both Molly and Buddy Ingersoll. They were very happy about the Buick history being kept alive by those lithographs when they signed them. If any potential purchasers want to know more about the history of these diecast/signed lithograph sets, please feel free to ask.
PM me pics and prices of what's left

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