1-2 shifts


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Dec 14, 2005
well i have a rebuilt 200r4 with about 2000 miles on it. just put in B.T.O tv kit and converter lockup kit,and went for a drive but im only getting what feels like 2 gears in drive, from a stop i can only count 1 shift.know if i manually shift from 1st to 2nd going in to second isnt crisp like it should be, it kinda slides in and then when i shift it up into drive (3rd gear) its crisp. has anybody dealt with this? i contacted bowtie overdrives and they said to try overfilling it buy a quart. that didnt seem to work.also they said it could be the servo or the bands. does anybody have an idea of what it would cost to replace the bands? and has anybody used the BTO servos?
How did it shift before the TV kit? Why did you need it, Holley carb?
Possibly it's not adjusted right. Did you put a press. guage on it?
put in a edelbrock carb. and i did put on press. gauge, called in the numbers to them and they said they seemed to be fine. what do you think?

presure at idle - idle t.v disconnected - high idle full t.v

park 70 70 170
r 95 95 240
n 70 70 170
od 70 70 170
d 70 70 165
2 125 125 130
1 125 125 130
Pressures are a bit low all across eps. 1-2. I the TV cable adjusted so you get max TV @ WOT.
But the shift will never be firm with only 130 psi.
yes idid set the cable for w.o.t, i tried adjusting a little from that point,and it does catch a little better but not much. any thing else i should try? im thinkin a servo might help