10 Roush Stage 3 or 11 Shelby Gt500?


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Dec 17, 2008
Which would you buy???? I hear Stage 3 is rated at 540hp, but they dyno little over 500. The GT500 is rated at 550hp, but "only" dyno's at around 476.
Ya Shelby worth wayyyy more down the road, and you can sell me your WS6 while your at it. I still wanna see pics of someone elses Shelbys!
Sorry guys....but I find it slightly difficult to get excited about these things. Do we really need a "special" edition Mustang for every TV show, tuner, or race track that ever had a Mustang involved? I mean, come on....here is the list of every special edition Mustang, keeping in mind, this is only the 2010 model year. :eek:

SMS 460
SMS 460X
SMS 302 4v
SMS 302 SC
Roush Stage 1
Roush Stage 2
Roush Stage 3
Roush Stage 3 Barrett-Jackson Edition
Roush 427R
Roush 540RH Hammer
Roush V6 Dub Edition
Steeda Q
Steeda Sport Edition
Galpin Auto Sports Boss 281
Galpin Auto Sports Tony Hawk Edition
Reed Speed SSE
Shelby GT-500 Super Snake
Shelby GT-350
Shelby/Roush SR-71 Blackbird
AV-X10 Dearborn Doll
Saleen 435S
Saleen S281
Saleen S302
Saleen S302 Mustang Week Special Edition
Autograf GT
Sherrod Mustang
Hurst Pace Car
Hurst Performance Series
Hurst Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car
Ford Racing Boss 302R
Ford Racing Boss 302R1
Ford Racing FR500 Cobra Jet
Shinoda Boss
Shinoda Boss Legacy GT
Shinoda Boss Level 1
Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR
Vaughn Gittin Jr. RTR-C
California Special
Dub Edition Widebody
Daytona 500 Pace Car
Cervinis C-500
Pedders USA Saleen S281 SR
Boss 302
Boss 302 Leguna Seca Edition
I was always a GM guy but that Shelby is sooooo cool.If I were to sell the Buick the Shelby would be next on my wish list:eek:


i have a 2006 shelby hertz car, i love it, i put the street gn away, but still have the race gn, ready for sunday! nothing sounds like a shelby!!
ok ok.. here ya go !!! 67 GT 500 and a 69 GT 350/500.. enjoy.


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Which would you buy???? I hear Stage 3 is rated at 540hp, but they dyno little over 500. The GT500 is rated at 550hp, but "only" dyno's at around 476.

'11 SHELBY! :smile:...If I'd ever sell my Thunderbird, that's what I'd like to buy...in "grabber" blue!...:redface:

Claude. :cool:
2010 is now the old model. 2011 is improved and will be worth more. Without a doubt I'd go with the 2011 Boss 302, Boss 302 Leguna Seca or the Shelby.
Niether.. I will take the cash equvolent and by GNBRETTS car

no way !! GNBRETTS car is awesome IF you want a Buick!! I did hallucinate about it BUT if push came to shove I'd go NEW and the GT 500 is where I would go :p A few mods and your in the 10s. Hell aren't you tired of Buicks to ??? Wasn't that was the reason you wanted out ?? :confused:
Shelby can hold 1000 hp. Not sure about the Roush, doubt it. Then again I dont know much about these cars.
We had a 2009 gt500kr come through the auction on friday went low at 46k. there was also a 2009 roush bullit that went for 28,000. I have never seen a roush bullit before. The roush was cool looking and with the twin screw it moved out pretty good to