109 block STD bore, BRF Core, BQ Core with PTS parts, PTS trans pan, Stealth Turbo


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Figured I'd post this bigger stuff here incase someone wanted them and could save me from having to ship it. Here's a list of what I have:

1. Core BQ trans - has PTS billet servo ($189), PTS billet .570 boost valve($50), PTS shift kit($75)- $400 for the whole thing

2. Core BRF trans - All stock - $400

3. Presicion Stealth Turbo (has porting on the wastegate hole) ---$500

4. Turbo HVAC Box (complete) ---$200

5. PTS XTreme Deep Trans Pan and Pick up (Medium Size) ----$200

6. 109 Block STD Bore ---$300

7. Lakewood Front Drag shicks (almost new) $75 set

8. SouthSide Lower Control Arms with relocate bracket (almost new) ---$125
TA49 has first dibs on the block but I do have another complete 109 (shortblock, crank, pistons/rods, heads, front cover, timing chain,cam, lifters, pushrods, baffled oil pan, etc) for $1200. Can bring it to Chicago.