109 block

I picked up a 109 block a few years ago and its been stored in my garage for a few years. I sold my GN and don't need it anymore. It doesn't have any ring groove and may be able to be honed and stay standard bore. I have heads, rods, pistons, cam, upper and lower intake but no crank. Let me know if your interested. The price would be $400 plus shipping. Thanks, Justa4banger
i saw that one on ebay, not really interested in the oring grooves or the repaired starter mounting pad. would rather start from scratch with a clean stock casting.
I have a block fresh from the machine shop, billet main caps, 30 over, cam bearings installed and freeze plugs. $600.00 plus shipping. I will be at Bowling Green if that would work for you? Let me know.
gn block

If you still are looking I have a stock bore block in very good condition 250.00 plus shipping although I am in mi.
I have 3 engines near Greenville, SC.
1 is totally stock unopened long block, should be able to bolt in and go.
1 is modified long block with cam, pistons, ported heads, intake, also can bolt in and go.
1 is short block with a bad bearing.
Let me know if you're interested in any of these.