110 cam 2 leaded fuel is bad?


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Feb 11, 2007
I ran about 3 gal. of leaded cam 2 110 oct. in my stock 87 GN about 3-4 weeks ago at track, and now car wont start could that have done anything to car or not? and also I am mechanically inclined but have never check a fuel prob. before could anyone break it down step by step on how to find out if fuel is getting delivered , how much voltage at rest and at cranking and pressure, etc. I do have the fuel pressure gauge,voltmeter ,etc.
I have used it before with no issues. So i doubt it was the primary cause of yours.
If the cam 2....

is a leaded racing fuel, it can damage your 02 sensor. If you have a f/pressure gage on the fuel rail, it will show whether or not your getting delivery and at what pressure. If , when you turn the key to "on", you should see/hear your pump running for approximately 2 seconds. if you don't see this on the f/gage. you probably have a fuse or fuseable link cleared. The links are located at the starter +post.
Check computer plug bt battery, check cam sensor plug,and see if you are getting fuel to rail
So how long does it take for your O2 crosscounts to cycle from zero to 255?..warmed up, at idle, in closed loop (minimum 3 minutes after startup). That will tell you what the health of the O2 sensor is.