1200+HP SBC / Turbo / EFI parts on EBAY!

Great deals on some bad ass parts. Hate to let this stuff go, but lookin for some quick cash to invest into remodeling a new house I'm buying... race car will have to wait :(

At least I'll still be able to pimp my white T type v6 car in the mean time :D
Photos of motor were with mechanical water pump. That was only on the car for the three pulls on the dyno. It kept throwing the belt so I switched to an electric unit, sorry the motor pics do not reflect this.

Louie - I was using a DRC Built 400 last year with a hipster converter. Broke the converter on the dyno, but was a good trans. Plans were for a glide and bolt together verter this year before I decided I needed a bigger garage.. uh.. i mean house ;)