1500hp TT Superlegera's -vs- 1400hp Supra -vs- Nitrous 1000RR, SICK....!!!!

Street Lethal

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Oct 8, 2006
Oh my goodness, who remembers the days when 900-RWHP was considered fast lol? The pull that these lambo's have on a roll is just SICK! Umm, GT-R what...???? :eek:

Talk about spanking a fast Supra.

This one below is still my favorite.
Things get sporty at 2:11.

how sweet would it be for a guy with a GN to go over there and just whoop ass. or even just hang with them! and it still be drivable on the street. cant wait till i stageII

I learned so much from talking to the guys over at Callaway, and how to extract high mph at a cap of 6000-RPM, in conjunction with a very strong rate of acceleration. I'm pulling the 3.42's out of the turbo GTA and installing much higher (lower numerically) gears out back for this very reason. Cam grinds also seem a little backwards at first, but that's because I am used to the regular choices that have been programmed into everyone's minds. There's no reason why your Grand National can't hang with those 200-mph plus cars at 6000-RPM, just be sure to post up some vids when you get it together. Callaways like the one below worked with a very restrictive TPI system that choked the engine, but they pulled like a mofo up top regardless. Learned a lot from those guys...