1982 El Grand Camino

grand camino

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Nov 29, 2012
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Looks horrible! You should have bought the bright blue 305 Elky with 22's here in SD.

Just kidding brother, I love it. You did well on buying that one. Now invest in some sticky back tires because you will need them!
Nice! There are a few in that area. Not too many post regularly. I am up in Surry County.
Daily Driver. My kids love it. Put one on the console and one in the seat. Then do burn outs and fish tails! Father of the year type s#!t.
you still using the "@me.com" email? I sent you a couple of emails on that. Let me know.


I got one email, but have been out for training so haven't been on a 'puter much. Will hit you back soon. Sounds like you have been busy car-whoring like me:

Sold this:


To buy this:


And am still trying to get this one back together: