1982 Regal Dilemma, HELP ME!!!!!



I have an 1982 with 4.1 v6 4 barrel and i am having many problems with it and believe the motor is gonna go soon. I am considering possibly putting a turbo regal motor in it or a 350 chevy motor. I was wondering how much this procedure and engine would cost so I can find out if I am better off perhaps getting a 5.0 stang or a trans am 305 tpi or 350 tpi. thanks. Give me details thanks!
what tranny do u have now? u prob be easier goin w/ a 350.youd need a new radiator unless u add a electic fan.. new power steerin box and set up.... motor mount converstion kit.. and trans crossmember.and now i can bit*h at u....A FORD MOTOR? GOOD LORD. no im just hastling you.putting a ford motor in a GM car would be like puttin a dirt bike motor in a INtegra. just stupid... ud have to go to a ford trans... custom drive shaft unless u get a ford rear.. u can prob use ur stokc one if its a TH350.. if its the 200R4 u need a trans cooler and a shift kit. and thats about all i think u need for now.. i was gunna do the swap too but ive held of on my car for a bit.
What is your engine doing that you think that it's going bad? How many miles? Have you done a compression/leak down test?

Oh A friend and me did a 383 into a mach 1 mustang just for kicks one night (20+ years ago) It took about 8 hours of heavey work (torch,tig welder). His dad had a full shop. We used the axle & engine from a roadrunner. It was not pretty, but it did go :D
well ok like my car is smelling like gas, is leaking oil, exhaust smells like oil when it burns. leaking antifreeze, the car is slow, i floor it and it doesnt really go at all fast till 15 and then it backfires everyday just going down the road like it is going to stall out. My engine is all yucky and dirty and spray painted, it looks terrible not impressive. I thought of how cool it would be to have a big engine in that car. Even a 305 with 3.42 rear u think that would be a decently fast car? or shall i just got 350?
You can make that V6 as fast or faster than a 305. They are a huck of junk, for the some money you spend on a build up on a 305 will not equal the same HP spent on a 350 or for that matter your V6.
1. Your car smells like gas, your vent is leaking and/or ECS emission system filter needs replacement
2. exhaust smells like oil when it burns, more than likely it's the valve guide seals are bad.
3. leaking antifreeze, where???? fix it
4. the car is slow, i floor it and it doesnt really go at all fast till 15,
rear gears, torque converter and all the other problems you have are causing this.

5. then it backfires everyday just going down the road like it is going to stall out, Out the exhuast or thru the carb?

6. Get 2 cans of engine clean and clean it up. It's easier to see what's going on. :D
1st off...t-type is right about everything he said. you often say in ur posts that "when u floor it". punching it everyonce and awile is ok.. but if ur doing it constantly you get fuel up in ur air box and u smell the gas. open the aircleaner and if u see fluid in there.. dont punch it all the time. someone in another post said u could have adjustments out or the wrong carb. buy engine degreser and hose the hell outa the motor.. hose it all off and theres the gunkky prob. alos.. track doin the anti freeze leak. could be a loose clamp or a lil thing that can be fixed. i work on my car everyweeked and i know always whats goin on with that bad boy. and the oil leak. i had a real bad one too. i thought it was my rear main seal.{thank god it wasnt} found to be a pinched gasket on the oil pan and it was leakin out the back. put the car on ramps or jack stands after u clean it.... and pull off the trans shroud and look around. could be little things keepin ur car down. and the backfiring could be caused by u punching it all the time. and ur timing could be off. ignition stuff could be bad too? check the cap and rotor. and everything ttype said is true. the 6 can be quicker than a 305..or a 350. about 150-200lbs less ion the front and about the money ud spend on all the work to stuff a V8 under the hood. u could have a bad ass 6....6cyls can make some mad torque.
Sounds to me like this Buick needs a lotta help. Are you mechanically inclined? Because if you're not, it's going to run you some serious cash.

If an 18 year old Buick V-6 goes without maintenance for a pretty long time, you can surely bet that it'll need a whole lot of work.
On the positive side, this is a damn good engine and an excellant project car. Hows the body? Interior? Frame and suspension? If they're all in bad shape then use it as a parts car to refurbish another simuler '82. If they're still in good shape, fix it or sell it.

My experiance has been that this requires dedication. And if one is mechanically inclined, then the benefits are that this will turn out to be an extremely cost effective endeavor. But like I said if you're not, then let it go......:(
well it doesnt really run THAT bad, lol. It has 132,000 suppoidly rebuilt at 100,000 miles. THe body is pretty good. Only rust is on bottom of doors just alittle and on the rear wheel wells just alittle. The interior looks almost brand new. 600 dollars and it will pass inspection..... so what do u guys think?? is she worth it? The paint still shines but hood is starting to fade as well as trunk. Lots of things have been replaced. I have buick rally rims on it. I like the car. Only other car i wouldnt mind having would be grand national tr/camaro/trans am with v8.
i watched this video of a grand national powerbraking and im in love. Now if i put even say a 305 could i do big burnouts by powerbreaking and lay massive strips cause my 4.1 wont powerbrake, just sits there. No spinnin lol.
Originally posted by Ttype83
You can make that V6 as fast or faster than a 305. They are a huck of junk

HEY! I resent that!:D Sure they're no 350 & YES you can make a V6 faster. But for that matter I've seen 4cyl.'s that would stomp 350's.(Now THATS humilliation!) ANYTHING can be fast!
It wouldn't be my first choice for a buildup either but that don't make 'em "junk". Have you seen what ppl are doing to them these days since the 350's are getting somewhat harder to come by. They are making stroker kits (CHEAP) & even spayed main caps.
I have a 305 in my BIG 'ol wagon & it has 280,000 miles on it. It pulled my 28ft. camping trailler 900 miles w/out a wimper & I would trust it to go anywhere. And even in my HUGE wagon I can pull off a brake torque burnout at will.
When I was building my first "Hot Rod" & had VERY little $$ I used a (almost free) 305 at first until I could afford a 350. I ABUSED the HELL out of it too! The car weighed around 3,500lbs. & had a 4.88 gear & I was 18 years old. BURNOUT CITY!!LOL:) I really didn't care if I blew it up, thats what made it soo great! I never did blow the 305 up, I DID float the valve's a few times in it tho.;)
I found myself going easier on the 350 'cuz of all the $$ I had in it. W/ the 350, I wouldn't race unless there was cash involved & I sure wasn't going to waste any parts on a burnout.
All that said, If I had to choose between building a Buick V6 or a 305 it would be the V6 hands down! Eighty2regal could easily end up w/the same prob.'s w/ a 305 OR a 350. I say stick w/the six & line it out. ANY motor that isn't in tune is a "hunk of junk" IMO. ESPECIALLY big blocks:rolleyes:
No flame Ttype83:mad: :) I was really just kiddin' w/ the resentment thing. I just had to stick up for the motor that takes soo much slander!
Say if i were to get my 4.1 rebuilt or buy a 4.1 that is rebuilt get some performance parts etc. Would my car then be decent?
I am thinking of running flowmaster exhaust. What i am wondering is if i am better off just getting my motor rebuilt or getting a 4.1 thats already rebuilt and putting it in my car. 600 bucks and it will pass inspection. Should i get it inspected and then mod up the engine. My only prob is i painted my motor with engine enamel and yes the whole engine under the hood and it looks like junk i am trying to get the paint off.
do you know where i can get aftermarket motor mounts that will hold up to brake torquin? I have 3.8 ones and they keep breaking and comin loose.
I am thinking of getting rapid fire plugs. Do you think i should give my 4.1 a tune up and if things arent better then get a rebuild? Should the 4.1 have a smooth exhaust sound and not like an almost bumpy sound? My exhaust sounds like it spits.
you see i like my car. I wish i had 15 inch rims on it tho. I dont have the shifter on the floor. I have no power windows/locks/cruise. I had a glasspack on my car before and it sounded loud but it didnt have that real nice flowmaster sound.
Bill, you crack me up. :)

Your engine still bogs and still won't do brake torques, because it needs to be tuned and your junkyard carb is shot.

You won't fix/change your carburetor, but you will swap the engine? Well, that will work if the new engine comes with a new carb. ;)
Kid's nutz......I would be too if I had his car. Chill out man....relax!
Park your car and sit near it....drink a few beers...now dream...Imagine what a bad ass car this could be if you take it one step at a time. :D

Get the message....this is a Buick V-6 forum for Turbo and Regal N/A lovers....you'll get there....that is one neat project car you have...now rip it up and burn rubber.....;)
I ran some stuff thro it. I found out its not my car that is backfiring it is up in the carbuerator!!!!!!! ahhhh. SO you think its the carb thats giving me all these problems? What kind of carb should i get?
A Quadrajet with a good quality rebuild. Preferably off another '82 Regal 4.1 V6. Or at least a '81-84 4.1 V6.